We are Ami and Cat, the two lucky interns that get to tour 5 different NoA agencies in the span of one year. Getting a taste of the different disciplines, projects and cultures across the group. We will take the temperature of what is going on in different fields, stay open and curious and invite you to join our journey and explore together with us.

  • Sep & Oct 2015
  • Nov & Dec. 2015
  • Jan & Feb. 2016

    at Åkestam Holst

    Åkestam Holst is a full-service advertising agency with a stable foundation in insight driven strategy and concept development. The agency holds numerous creative national and international awards and in 2012 Åkestam Holst was named “International Small Agency of the Year” by AdAge.

  • Mar & Apr. 2016

    at Great Works

    Great Works is a full-service digital marketing and communications agency. Great Works helps clients through their digital transformation, delivering innovative strategies and solutions within digital platforms & services, digital marketing and business consulting. They focus on emerging forms of media and rely less on traditional advertising models.

  • May & Jun. 2016

    at &Co

    & Co. is a cross-media advertising agency based in Copenhagen helping businesses grow through competences within brand and marketing strategy, communication platforms, creative solutions, corporate visual identity, and other communication services. Awarded best agency in Denmark in 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014.