About Us

I’m a graphic designer from Japan. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 after studying and living in Tokyo for 9 years.  My goal in this internship is getting to know the multidisciplinary design process and to develop my graphic design skill into digital media.

Graphic design

My graphic design work was focused mainly on paper until now. I studied illustration and visual communication in a BA program at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and worked at an editorial design office for 5 years. I learned typography skill in English and Japanese through editorial works for mode fashion magazines, food magazines and culture books.

Working in groups

Working with people from other area of expertise attracts me since I started working as an art director.  At the Experience Design MFA program at Konstfack, I looked into human behaviour in every day life and learned that problems can be solved in wide variety of forms. Now, I come back to my initial area, graphic design and I am in need of expanding my skills into the digital world. I hope to meet people from different backgrounds as well as graphic designers at NoA and learn how to work better in interdisciplinary teams.

I’m from Oslo, but spent my childhood years in Stockholm and I also spent three years studying in Denmark. So although my passport says Norway on the front, I consider myself to be Scandinavian at heart.

I have a passion for travel and new cultures and I’ve spent the past 10 years living abroad, including four years in Buenos Aires where I co-founded a film production company and started a culture hub.


Ive studied at The Kaospilots, which focused on creative- projects, processes and businesses. During my time there I learned how to get the best out of teams and people as well as the importance of organisational culture.

Hyper Island

To strengthen my digital competency I took a M.A at Hyper Island. My focus was around strategy from an ethnography and design approach, and how this can be used to deliver great digital products and services. This later on led me to write my Master on value creation through service design, specifically focusing on the intersection of business and design.

Why NoA

Working in the intersection of communication, digital and business development, I like NoAs ambition to deliver better products and services to clients, by offering everything under one umbrella. I see NoA as being a driving force to foster a more holistic approach to the field of communication.


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About the NoA Internship

We will tour different agencies part of the NoA family, getting a taste of the different disciplines, projects and cultures across the group. We will intern in 5 different agencies. Visiting in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. The 5 agencies we have the pleasure of visiting are: Making waves, Anorak, ÅkestamHolst, Great works and &Co, spending 2 months at each place.

-We will work on both client projects and individual projects in each place, as well as projects that spans across agencies.

-We will take the temperature of what is going on in different fields we will be working with and take a snapshot of our view of the subject.

-We will stay open and curious and invite you to join our journey and explore together with us.

Want to know a bit more about us or have a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on?

About NoA

The North Alliance, NoA, is Scandinavia’s first independent communication and technology family. By collecting market-leading companies each specializing in various disciplines, The North Alliance is built to encourage collaboration, as all partner companies own NoA together. What is good for one benefits all. While agencies in the traditional networks are fighting to maximize their own budget. NoA was created as a network that reflects the challenges for brands of today and in the future.