Making a movie

How to create an inspirational clip with limited resources.

When you are working with limited resources, you sometimes need to do stuff yourself. This time around that was creating an inspirational clip for NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Science), and we opted for making the production inhouse.
Together with the creative team Gaute & Eirik, and the in-house production company at Anorak, I was able to take part in the production from (almost) the start to the end.

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Drawing talks more than you talk.
Embrace your ugly sketches and
show up it to people.

I dislike showing an unfinished sketch to people. Because I care about how they understand my drawing skill. But here at Making Waves, it is a wrong answer. Draw as you speak, communicate quickly in visual and go on. Prototyping is key to make the product user friendly. I used prototypes to test on people in all the projects that I have involved at Making Waves. I introduce you 3 prototyping tools commonly used at Making Waves through NoA book app project.

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Process of making picnic map app

Adding one icon has a huge impact when designing for mobile

One advice from NoA to me during this internship was to challenge myself to work with digital design. This summer I created an illustrated map and Tage Haun, my tutor at Making Waves, gave me a challenge to make this into a digital product. I started by learning some new programs called Sketch, Zeplin, Marvel and read through basic documents about app design. Google Material Design and Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Read More


Communicate with your co-worker peacefully.
Here are your stress free tools.

As a graphic designer who have never worked on app design, it is thrilling to talk with coding people. What language do they speak? What do I need to learn?  I asked 4 front-end developers how I can communicate better as a graphic designer.

Ami: Do you talk with each other in code?

Chamira: Ha-ha, no! But we chat in code in slack.

Ami: (!)

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User test for NoA intern website

You will not be there for the user
when the product is up.
Do not help the person when you
test digital products.

How can we share our experience during this internship? As NoA interns, we naturally came up with the idea to make our website. Cathrine and Ami thought that this could be a good way to showcase the projects and culture in the different agencies through our tone of voice, and Ami took this as a chance to design a website properly in Making Wave’s way. We had a great introduction about user testing by Bernadette Eirheim that I would like to share. How can we get test results as pure as possible? This is how we learned from Bernadette.

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Prioritizing method

Face your busy schedule.
Prioritizing goals before you promise something
gives you space to do a quality job.

Do you want to solve all the problems that people have? Me too.  When I joined the team which was working on NoA book app, we had too many wishes from people. As we interview more people, we got more confused. How can I be neutral and focus when we have so many different opinions? Here is a method that we learned from a design director at Making Waves, Silje Gabrielsen.

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Employee Journey, part one

How does Making Waves cater to their own employees?

Making Waves is so good at mapping out user journeys for their client so it only made sense to create one for their own employees. The idea to map out the employees “user journey” here at Making Waves was outcome of a workshop together with HR.

We wanted to find out; What does the “service” look like now, and what are the areas of improvement. Read More

3 phases in process at Making Waves

Try products on real people and
work interdisciplinary from start to the end.

At Making Waves, the process is divided in 3 phases. Start by “Envision”, secondly “Shape” and finally “Realize”. Everyone in the project team is involved from beginning to the end of this process in order to make a digital product & services which users actually need and that works. Here is a short description of each process. Read More